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Tag: Azure

Great “Intro to Containers” Sessions

Great session and introduction to containers. Modernizing application delivery and agility with containers, Kubernetes, and Microsoft Azure. One of the things that differentiate modern enterprises from their predecessors is their ability to reliably and quickly deliver and update their software. In the world of 24/7 availability, mobile applications and APIs with…

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VSTS Private Agents with ARM

My customers love to use VSTS to enable their DevOps capabilities, but in some cases they are not able to use the Hosted Agents due to security restrictions. In that case, the alternative is to use Private Agents. For detailed description on differences between the two configurations checkout this article.…

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Azure Cloud Shell

Last week during Build 2017 Microsoft announced the Azure Cloud Shell (Preview). Browser-based Shell Experience Cloud Shell enables access to a browser-based command-line experience built with Azure management tasks in mind. Leverage Cloud Shell to work untethered from a local machine in a way only the cloud can provide. This…

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