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Performance & Load testing for Azure Active Directory (AAD) Enabled Applications & Azure B2C

Recently I had a customer ask on best practice for Performance/load testing for AAD enabled applications with JMeter. Fortunately I’m on a team with amazing people and one of my team members wrote a blog on this for Azure B2C but the concepts are the same, if not simpler for AAD enabled applications.

Problem: Azure AD B2C login pages rely on Javascript. Postman (and most load testing frameworks like JMeter) do not run client-side Javascript.

In order to get around this, you need to “fake” the functionality of the Javascript code to create the subsequent requests.

Lets break down the auth flow into 5 steps, and outline how to craft the request in Postman. Specifically, I want to test a “username and password” type B2C user, not a “social login (MS Live, Google, Facebook)” type user.

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