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The benefits of Infrastructure as Code

Cross post from: The benefits of Infrastructure as Code

“There are lots of different ways you can deploy and configure your Azure resources. When customers are first starting their cloud journey it’s common to provision resources manually, deploying and configuring them in the Azure portal. However, this quickly becomes difficult to manage and scale. Infrastructure as Code (IaC) techniques and tools are designed to help you make use of your skills with coding and DevOps practices when working with your cloud infrastructure. However, I frequently work with customers who aren’t completely convinced that IaC is going to help them, or be worth the investment. It can be helpful to have some insight into the benefits that many other customers have seen when using IaC approaches. This post outlines the main reason I think IaC is an essential part of a modern solution for Azure. We won’t get much into the technical details of how you use IaC – this is just a high-level overview of why you should use it.”

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